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I work with couples who want to improve or save their relationships. Initially, I see couples for two or three, two- hour sessions for information gathering, evaluation and to develop a treatment strategy. After which, I work with couples for one or two-hour sessions weekly or every other  week. Longer sessions can be arranged depending on your circumstances and if driving from a distance.

Couples Counseling

Have you lost that loving feeling that you had at the beginning of the relationship? Are you frustrated because you feel unheard and disconnected from the one you love? If you are having the same old arguments, repeating the same patterns over and over again and end up feeling stuck you are not alone.

Relationships can be tough! Living with another person is not always easy. Like a lot of couples, you may have never learned the tools and skills to have the caring connected relationship you want. There is relief in sight!

I am a therapist with over twenty years of experience helping people reclaim their lives and relationships. I am Certified in Relational Life Therapy as developed by Terry Real and have been married for 40 years. I can help you make your relationship work for you. Your relationship should enhance your life; not take away from it. I can help you have the loving caring and mutually respectful relationship you deserve.

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